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    Learn how to use everyday items to stop excessive bleeding during medical emergencies.

SGSecure is Singapore’s community response to the threat of terrorism. It is a movement to build the resilience of our community and a call to action to everyone in our multi-racial, multi-religious society to come together to safeguard Singapore and our way of life.

Terrorist attacks can have a crippling effect on societies that extends beyond the physical devastation. Even the threat of terrorism can foment distrust among communities. In today’s heightened security climate, it is even more urgent that we continue to strengthen the bonds among our various communities and prevent racial and religious conflict in the aftermath of a terrorist attack.

SGSecure focuses on three core actions that every one of us can do in the fight against terrorism:

  • Staying Alert to prevent a terrorist attack and to keep yourself safe in the event of an attack

  • Staying United to help one another, especially after an attack

  • Staying Strong to safeguard our social fabric and bounce back as one people

Report Suspicious Activity

If you have seen or heard any suspicious activity or behaviour that could suggest a terrorist threat to Singapore, report it via this online form 

Alternatively, you can also report the incident with clear description via:

  • a call to Police at 999;

  • SMS 71999 if you can’t talk;

  • or submit the information via the SGSecure app

Those with information on a person who may be radicalised can also contact the ISD Counter-Terrorism Centre hotline on 1800-2626-473.

Advice to Stay Safe

While there has been no credible or specific intelligence of an attack being planned against Singapore, it is important to be prepared and know how to protect yourself if the need arises. If you are caught up in an attack, “Run, Hide, Tell”.


  • Move quickly and quietly away from danger using the safest route
  • Do not surrender or attempt to negotiate


  • Stay out of sight, be quiet and switch your phone to silent mode
  • Lock yourself in and stay away from the doors


  • Provide information to the Police by calling 999, SMSing 71999 or using the SGSecure App
  • Provide details about the attackers and their location



Excessive bleeding is the main cause of death in a terrorist attack. If you are caught in an attack, RUN. If you cannot run, HIDE. 

While hiding, if you encounter any casualty who is bleeding profusely, and you are able to help without drawing unwanted attention to yourself, you should carry out Improvised First Aid using commonly available items to stop the bleeding. 


  • Press directly on the wound to stop the bleeding using items such as a hardkerchief or cloth
  • If the injury is to a limb and bleeding does not stop, proceed to TIE


  • Tie at least 5cm above the wound using items such as a neck tie, belt or sling of a bag to stop any excessive bleeding
  • If the bleeding still does not stop, apply the windlass technique
    • Use a second neck tie, belt or sling, tie 5cm above the first tie
    • Place a rod (pen or stick) on the second tie and secure the rod by tying a knot
    • Turn the rod clockwise or anti-clockwise until the bleeding stops
    • Secure the rod by tying another knot


  • Tell the SCDF Emergency Responders about the injury and the time when you tied the wound.



Knowing what to do in the rare event of an attack saves lives. Learning to protect ourselves and those around us when an attack happens will help our community bounce back quicker after an attack. We should also help one another by doing the following:

Keep calm and Care for others

  • Encourage your family, friends and neighbours to bounce back and return to their daily activities as soon as possible

Do not speculate or spread rumours

  • Get the latest information and advisories from official sources and share them with your family, friends and neigbours
  • Do not post or share unverified videos or photos to avoid causing unwarranted panic or disharmony