What Can I Do?

Every member of our community can play a part in the SGSecure national movement by becoming Prepared Citizens.

Keep the Kampong Spirit Alive

  • Make an effort to know your neighbours better
  • Show interest in your neighbours' work, family and activities 
  • Help your neighbours e.g. pick up their newspapers or packages when they are away or keep a lookout for their elderly and children
  • Learn from their culture, race and religious practices 
  • Be understanding and respectful to each other regardless of our race, language or religion

Download the SGSecure App

The SGSecure app allows users to report suspicious sightings to the authorities in a few simple steps – point, shoot and send. Users can also receive timely alerts and updates from the authorities in the event of major emergencies.

You may also use the Personal SOS feature to quickly contact the Police for emergency assistance via the Police’s SMS 71999 service. When the Personal SOS feature is activated, the SGSecure app will generate a standard SMS template for the user to send, containing a link that will allow the Police to access the user’s approximate location via the SGSecure app. The user can edit the SMS before sending it out. He/she can also use the feature to send the SMS to three of his/her pre-determined SOS contacts, to enable them to access his/her location. The Personal SOS location access can be deactivated by the user at any time, or by the Police, when the incident has concluded. For more information on this, see Frequently Asked Questions.

We encourage you to download the app today!
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The SGSecure app is kindly supported by Samsung.

Equip Yourself with Emergency Preparedness Skills

We also encourage everyone to equip yourself some emergency preparedness skills which can be useful in our daily lives as well. The SCDF conducts free emergency preparedness training as part of its Responders Plus Programme (RPP). The RPP has two components.

  • RPP (Online) - Core lifesaving skills are covered by a self-directed e-learning course.

  • RPP (In-Person) - Through hands-on practical sessions, you will further hone your lifesaving skills.

You are strongly encouraged to attend both components of the RPP for a richer learning experience.

More information is available on SCDF's website at www.scdf.gov.sg. You can also get in touch with your nearest SCDF Division for more information.

SCDF Division HQ Address Contact Number
1st Division 3 Queensway, Singapore 149073 6471 7429
2nd Division 1 Tampines Industrial Ave 3, Singapore 528777 6587 8332
3rd Division 533 Yishun Industrial Park A, Singapore 768774 6852 2816
4th Division 80 Bukit Batok Road, Singapore 658072 6314 6913

Volunteer with the Community

Home Team Volunteers Network

There is a range of volunteer opportunities available across the Home Team. You can visit the Home Team Volunteers website, at https://www.mha.gov.sg/volunteers to find out more, and sign up to volunteer.

Volunteering in your Neighbourhood

The People’s Association is a key SGSecure partner, helping to sensitise, train and prepare residents in the neighbourhoods for a terror attack, including in skills such as First Aid and CPR-AED.

If you are keen to contribute your skills and knowledge, you may wish to consider joining PA's volunteer schemes in emergency preparedness. You can do so by registering your interest through the PA website.