What Can Organisations Do?


If you are a decision maker in an organisation, you can play an important part in the SGSecure national movement by making sure that your organisation is prepared and resilient to withstand a terror attack. The SGSecure@Workplaces programme is an initiative to equip workplaces with the relevant knowledge and capabilities to deal with terror attacks. Decision makers are encouraged to take the 3Ps approach at your workplace to build up organisational resilience against terrorism. 

Prepare Your Workforce

Your employees are your greatest assets. It is crucial you prepare them with the right knowledge and skills to prevent and deal with crises. If an attack happens, a prepared and cohesive workforce can minimise your downtime and help your business return to normalcy quickly. 

Protect Your Workplace

Risk management plans and mitigation measures are critical to ensure your business can withstand crises. Taking these steps will enable you to prevent and minimise potential losses and resume operations quickly after crises.

Partner Your Community

The impact for a terror attack extends beyond the point of attack. Your operations may be disrupted if your partners are affected. Build up a network within your community to solve problems collective. Strong community networks strengthen vigilance and boost your ability to respond effectively and swiftly to crises. 

What Can Decision Makers Do?

Kick start your workplace's preparedness journey by taking these four easy steps today.

  1. Register an SGSecure Representative 
  2. Get all your employees to download the SGSecure app (iOS App Store | Google Play)
  3. Brief your employees on the emergency escape routes
  4. Download and display the "Run, Hide,Tell" and "Press, Tie, Tell" advisories

The SGSecure Rep

The SGSecure Representative's role is to advocate for preparedness in peacetime and lead in the implementation of SGSecure initiatives at his/her workplace. The SGSecure rep will be informed of the latest SGSecure advisories and other relevant updates on the terror threat. In times of crises, they should activate business continuity plan and also be your company's point of contact with the authorities. 

To find out more about the SGSecure@Workplaces programme and how to register a SGSecure rep, please visit MOM website at www.mom.gov.sg/sgsecure or contact MOM at SGSecure_Workplaces@mom.gov.sg

For Businesses

The Contigency Planning and Protective Security Advisories for Workplaces provides useful tips to businesses (premise owners and tenants) on how to implement protective measures and develop contingency response plans to prepare for the possibility of a terror attack. 

For more information on how to prepare a contingency response plan, please refer to the advisories here.

For Religious and Community Organisations

MCCY has developed the Crisis Preparedness for Religious Organisations (CPRO) programme that aims to strengthen crisis preparedness of Religious Organisations by building capabilities to protect their premises and congregants, and help others in the community in times of crises. 
Please refer to the security advisories here