Terror Threat

The SGSecure national movement is one of the ways in which Singapore is responding to the global terrorism threat.

There is currently no specific nor credible intelligence of an imminent terrorist attack against Singapore. However, the terrorism threat to Singapore remains high. While Islamist terrorism remains the primary concern, we are also mindful of emergent threats such as far-right extremism. There have been instances of Singaporeans and foreigners working in Singapore becoming radicalised by terrorist propaganda.

For more information on the terrorism threat to Singapore, as well as the importance of the SGSecure community response in the fight against terrorism, please refer to the Singapore Terrorism Threat Assessment Report (STTAR).

STTAR 2023
STTAR 2022
STTAR 2021
STTAR 2019
STTAR 2017

Tell Tale Indicators

As the threat looms closer to home, it is more important than ever that everyone comes together and plays our part in tackling terrorism. If you notice any potential security threats i.e. anything that is strange, irregular, abnormal or unusual, please report to the authorities immediately. 

For example: 

  • Unusual attire
  • Suspicious behaviour
  • Unattended bags in crowded places
  • Parcels with stains, wires, or emit a strange smell
  • Vehicles circling around the same area
  • Unusual objects inside the vehicle

Detect signs of radicalisation

Individuals can be radicalised after exposure to extremist content. Radicalised persons do not come from any particular gender, age, ethnic or socio-economic groups. 

However, you can look out for these signs:

  • Frequently surfing radical websites;
  • Posting/ Sharing extremist views on social media platform, such as expressing support/ admiration for terrorists/ terrorist groups as well as the use of violence;
  • Sharing their extremist views with friends and relatives;
  • making remarks that promote ill-will or hatred towards people of other races or religions;
  • Expressing intent to participate in acts of violence overseas or in Singapore;
  • Inciting others to participate in acts of violence.

What can you do?

Early reporting allows the authorities to intervene in time.

  • If you notice any signs of radicalisation, call the Internal Security Department (ISD) at 1800-2626-473.
  • If you notice anything suspicious, inform the Police by calling 999, via SMS at 71999 or via the SGsecure app. 

No report will be ignored. Any piece of information could be important and it is better to be safe and report them. The information provided will be kept strictly confidential.