The SGSecure school talk is an engaging and informative session designed to foster a greater sense of threat awareness among students. The SGSecure school talk can be introduced as part of the assembly program, or to complement school’s efforts and initiatives in emergency preparedness. During the talk, students will be provided with knowledge on how to respond to the emergencies; and understand the importance of social cohesion and the role that everyone has in maintaining it. The talk is available for students from preschool to pre-university level, with the session ranging from 20-30 minutes. Schools can indicate interest by contacting their nearest Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC), or by emailing A lead time of at least 1 month is required.
The latest SGSecure advisory posters are available in four languages. Each attachment has four posters, namely "Look out for anything Suspicious", "Run.Hide.Tell", "Press.Tie.Tell" and "Keep Calm and Don’t Spread Rumours".
The latest SGSecure advisory poster (eng simplified) for primary school students, namely "Look out for anything suspicious", "Run.Hide.Tell" and "Press.Tie.Tell".
The terrorism threat to Singapore remains high. Self-radicalisation through the online sphere continues to be the primary threat driver. If you know someone who might have been radicalised, or been approached by someone for advice about a suspected radicalisation case, this resource kit will come in useful for you. It provides information so that you are: (i) Familiar with the signs of radicalisation and the process after information is submitted; (ii) Able to address the barriers to reporting by giving assurance to the concerned individuals and allaying their concerns about reporting suspected radicalisation cases; and (iii) Familiar with the channels of reporting. Your vigilance and preparedness will play a key role in our defence against terrorism and extremism. Early reporting of radicalisation enables us to provide help, guidance and counselling to the radicalised individual, before they potentially harm themselves and/or others.
These posters outline the various roles individuals can play during emergencies, emphasising collective responsibility and preparedness within the community. You may download a copy at (Educators may use the posters as a resource guide to facilitate lessons, or to print out and paste it in school compound to build awareness).
The Harmony in Diversity Gallery was developed by the Ministry of Home Affairs in collaboration with community partners and organisations like the Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO). It is a key platform under the SGSecure movement’s community cohesion pillar. The Gallery aims to promote an appreciation of Singapore’s rich religious diversity, and is an ideal learning journey programme for schools to complement commemorative periods such as the Racial Harmony Day. For more information on the gallery, please visit this link: If you are interested to bring your students to visit the Harmony in Diversity Gallery, please register at this link: For queries, you may email:
Join us at our SGSecure roadshows, where students will be engaged in hands-on activities and interactive exhibits focused on emergency preparedness and social cohesion. Check out the upcoming SGSecure roadshows happening in your area at this link:
The SGSecure exhibition panels are designed to educate individuals on the key SGSecure advisories and the roles everyone can play. Through interactive components to enhance viewer engagement and understanding, the panels serve to complement SGSecure engagements in your schools (e.g. school talks/ exhibitions, Total Defence Day, Safety and Security initiatives, Counter Terrorism Workshops, etc.). Four sets of the exhibition panels are available for booking, on a first-come-first-serve basis. To request for the panels, you can fill up and email the deployment form to the points of contact indicated in the form. Facilitator’s guide and activity sheets are also available to reinforce the learning experience. Educators may download them at this link:
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  • Samaritans of Singapore (SOS)
    1800 221 4444 (24 hrs)

  • ComCare Call
    1800 222 0000

  • Counselling & Care Centre 
    6536 6366

  • IMH Mental Health Helpline
    6389 2222 (24 hrs)

  • KKH Psychosocial Trauma Support Service
    6394 8050

  • PPIS Family Service Centers For Malay Communities
    6848 4461 (East) / 6561 3462 (West)

  • Care Corner (Mandarin) Singapore For Chinese Communities 
    1800 353 5800

  • SINDA (Singapore Indian Development Association) Family Service Centre For Indian Communities
    1800 295 4554


  • Responders Plus Programme
  • Get trained on the essential emergency preparedness skills

  • Ready Bag 
  • Get ready the essential items that will help you in an emergency


  • Emergency Preparedness Centre
  • Learn fire safety tips, emergency preparedness knowledge and life-saving skills through fun-filled and state-of-the-art interactive exhibits


  • Harmony in Diversity Gallery (HDG)
  • The Harmony in Diversity Gallery (HDG) aims to promote an appreciation of Singapore's rich religious diversity. It hopes to foster a spirit of give and take, mutual respect and understanding, necessary to nurture and strengthen the religious peace and harmony we enjoy today. Check out their Facebook page here

  • OnePeople.SG
  • OnePeople.SG promotes racial harmony and spearheads programmes and initiatives to bring the different ethnic communities together


  • The Inter-Religious Organisation, Singapore (IRO)
  • Since its humble beginnings in 1949, IRO has worked quietly to promote peace and religious harmony in Singapore. Today, 10 major religions are represented in the IRO.


  • Harmony Circles
  • Harmony Circles are local-level inter-faith platforms in every constituency, formed to promote racial and religious harmony.


  • Religious Rehabilitation Group
  • RRG is a voluntary group consisting of individual ulama and a community of asatizah (Islamic scholars and teachers) in Singapore. RRG’s mission is to correct the misinterpretation of Islamic concepts and dispel the extremist and terrorist ideologies detainees have been indoctrinated with.



  • Project Guardian
    Pledge your company’s support and assistance the fight against terrorism